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Friday, February 9th, 2007
12:36 pm - <33 I had my daughter
I had Emily marie January 25 (07) @ 9:21 Am.. she was 6pounds 10ounces 19 inches long ... i love being a mommy its wonderful..


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Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
12:57 pm - complete update...

Well i havent really wrote anything about whats going on so im gonna ... My moms in the hospital so i have been there everyday... shes been in there almost a month shes coming home tommorow though which im happy about but kinda scared about to cuz she needs help doing certain things but thats what im here for... So her coming home makes me feel a lot better.... Me and brandon are doing really good our anniversary just passed and i got a necklace and diamond ear rings :) the necklace sez #1 mom cuz he nos i wanted it and he probly couldnt think of anything else to get me lol alls the baby does is move around now i cant wait till she comes out... i put music up to my belly and she turns over and everything ** I CANT WAIT :) **

current mood: happy

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Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
3:49 pm - =) * Cant wait (( [ 1*20*07 ] ))

Fetal development in pregnancy week 26:fetus in sixth month At long last, your little swimmer can see the womb! Your miracle’s little eyelids have finally separated (they were fused closed previously) and they’re probably having their first moments of sight as you read this (or maybe it already happened while you were brushing your teeth or watching Oprah or something). In addition to seeing their little studio in your belly, they’ve recently acquired the ability to say “yes” and “no” in rudimentary sign language as they can now move their head back and forth. This is also the time where your little super star’s head hair is starting to grow! A cute little cowlick or two may be springing into position right now, getting ready for years of cute-but-stubborn bed-head. Also, their toenails have grown in and you little raisin continues to slowly pile up fat beneath their still-loose skin. Most importantly, brain tissue and neurons are all developing at a rapid pace, increasing their (genius-level?) brain activity and will continue to function at accelerated levels for the first seven to eight years of childhood!

current mood: anxious

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Friday, September 22nd, 2006
11:59 am - sooo...
yea so the baby shower aint that far away u no how hard it is to find fat people clothes lol... but i got what im wearing...

Me and brandon are doing good cant complain Im meeting him at school today and hes sleeping over till saturday night.. :) wooooooo so if u want me im me --xo52604

Leave love!

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Friday, September 15th, 2006
9:07 pm
thought id update sense im just waiting for the fiance to call me cause he went out... Everythings going good babys so active i cant lay down without the baby going crazy.. Brandon falls asleep on my stomuch though and she gets all calm its adorable.. I cant wait till shes here im going nuts!! alls brandons sez is were having a girl lol.. were so excited... i mean as scared as we were and the thoughts we had just disapeared when we herd Emilys heartbeat (152) which is awesome... i would never say she was a mistake .. She was a surprise.. & the differance is A mistakes something if u had to do it over again u wouldnt .. but A surprise is something u werent exspecting but if u had to do it over again u would :)

& i cant ask for more i got the best fiance in the whole wide world and a beautiful baby girl on the way it took my mom 3boys b4 she got me .. my first is a baby girl... in about 10yrs me and brandon will try for a baby boy :)... little boys are so cute! :) but little girls are too i like boy stuff better though like the baby bouncers and stuff like that but thats okay...


<3 Leave love :)

current mood: happy

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Wednesday, August 16th, 2006
4:55 pm
I know sometimes things may not always make sense to you right now
But hey, what daddy always tell you?
Straighten up little soldier
Stiffen up that upper lip
What you crying about?
You got me

Hailie I know you miss your mom and I know you miss your dad
Well I'm gone but I'm trying to give you the life that I never had
I can see you're sad, even when you smile, even when you laugh
I can see it in your eyes, deep inside you want to cry
Cuz you're scared, I ain't there?
Daddy's with you in your prayers
No more crying, wipe them tears
Daddy's here, no more nightmares
We gon' pull together through it, we gon' do it
Laney uncles crazy, aint he?
Yeah but he loves you girl and you better know it
We're all we got in this world
When it spins, when it swirls
When it whirls, when it twirls
Two little beautiful girls
Lookin' puzzled, in a daze
I know it's confusing you
Daddy's always on the move, mamma's always on the news
I try to keep you sheltered from it but somehow it seems
The harder that I try to do that, the more it backfires on me
All the things growing up his daddy that he had to see
Daddy don't want you to see but you see just as much as he did
We did not plan it to be this way, your mother and me
But things have gotten so bad between us
I don't see us ever being together ever again
Like we used to be when we was teenagers
But then of course everything always happens for a reason
I guess it was never meant to be
But it's just something we have no control over and that's what destiny is
But no more worries, rest your head and go to sleep
Maybe one day we'll wake up and this will all just be a dream

Now hush little baby, don't you cry
Everything's gonna be alright
Stiffen that upperlip up little lady, i told ya
Daddy's here to hold ya through the night
I know mommy's not here right now and we don't know why
We feel how we feel inside
It may seem a little crazy, pretty baby
But i promise momma's gon' be alright

It's funny
I remember back one year when daddy had no money
Mommy wrapped the Christmas presents up
And stuck 'em under the tree and said some of 'em were from me
Cuz daddy couldn't buy 'em
I'll never forget that Christmas I sat up the whole night crying
Cuz daddy felt like a bum, see daddy had a job
But his job was to keep the food on the table for you and mom
And at the time every house that we lived in
Either kept getting broke into and robbed
Or shot up on the block and your mom was saving money for you in a jar
Tryna start a piggy bank for you so you could go to college
Almost had a thousand dollars till someone broke in and stole it
And I know it hurt so bad it broke your momma's heart
And it seemed like everything was just startin' to fall apart
Mom and dad was arguin' a lot so momma moved back
On the Chalmers in the flat one bedroom apartment
And dad moved back to the other side of 8 Mile on Novara
And that's when daddy went to California with his CD and met Dr. Dre
And flew you and momma out to see me
But daddy had to work, you and momma had to leave me
Then you started seeing daddy on the T.V. and momma didn't like it
And you and Laney were to young to understand it
Papa was a rollin' stone, momma developed a habit
And it all happened too fast for either one of us to grab it
I'm just sorry you were there and had to witness it first hand
Cuz all I ever wanted to do was just make you proud
Now I'm sittin in this empty house, just reminiscing
Lookin' at your baby pictures, it just trips me out
To see how much you both have grown, it's almost like you're sisters now
Wow, guess you pretty much are and daddy's still here
Laney I'm talkin' to you too, daddy's still here
I like the sound of that, yeah
It's got a ring to it don't it?
Shh, momma's only gone for the moment


And if you ask me too
Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird
I'mma give you the world
I'mma buy a diamond ring for you
I'mma sing for you
I'll do anything for you to see you smile
And if that mockingbird don't sing and that ring don't shine
I'mma break that birdies neck
I'd go back to the jewler who sold it to ya
And make him eat every carat don't fuck with dad (haha)

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Thursday, June 29th, 2006
10:40 am - Happiness =D
so i thought id update.. Me and brandon are doing so good its rediculous im so happy!! ... he left about 20 minutes ago he slept over for 2days it was awesome <3 i cant wait till we live together.. like alls me and him did was talk... and i love him with all my heart.. we fell asleep together and woke up together it was the best feeling in the world him holding me close you no?... and waking me up with kisses it was awsome -- He Just signed on =D lol.. ill update more later.. --

Im me -- xo52604

current mood: ecstatic

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Friday, June 16th, 2006
11:16 pm - .. everything
yea i know i havent updated in along time... lot to talk about and seeing were me and brandon are argueing i feel like writing..

well were doing okay just argueing because i hate ex girlfriends and as soon as her and her boyfriend break up " she needs him to talk to " derp every girl nos what that means might as well just say " come here i wanna bang you " i mean come on... and im pregnant i aint trying to have his exses up his ass cause i will go psycho and they will die a painful death.. but w/e & yes i said " Im pregnant "... were doing okay with it ... were both happy we got to hear the heartbeat it was 142 im 9wks almost 10.. everyone keeps saying its going to be a girl because of the heartbeat but i dont no.. i want a girl but it dont matter to me as long as the babys heathy the due date is 1/20/07 =).. they did say 1/12/07 .. they changed it though...

comment bitches...
i love you brandon

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Friday, May 12th, 2006
2:24 pm - <3 ...
i havent updated in mad long so i fiquired i would...

Me and brandon r doing really really good :) r 3 years is in 14 days --5//26//04-- && i no hes getting me a ring woop! :) chea boy mad happy about that!

well thats all lol lifes going good :) nothing more to say

current mood: blah

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Monday, April 3rd, 2006
3:58 pm

shiny things fascinating? yess
spongebob totally cool? yess
talk shows stupid? not some of them
reality shows stupid? well depens on about who
gay marriage wrong? no its not
shopping the best thing on earth? not totally sex is b4 that lol
sl_ts stupid? yes
lesbians weird? no
dorks dorkie? derP? lol
most hot boys are gay? ya
most pretty girls are lesbians? no
watching tv a waste of your time? no
singing just makes you waste your breathe? no
it weird how they could make computers? no
wasting paper is really killing a lot of trees? who cares?
cartoons are for youngsters? no fuck you i love cartoons
taking pictures of yourself is being concieted? ya shit lol who cares?
haters are just jealous? ye
ugly people are smart? no
pretty/cute people are dumb? no
blondes really dumb? no
blondes have more fun than others? ye
old school songs are still great? ye
surveys are just wasting your sweet time? kinda ya but im bored


bought- clothes
wore- .. who cares?
ate- doritos
drank- cherry coke
smelled- my boyfriend
touched- my boyfriend
saw- doom
watched- doom
learned- FUCK YOU - ;)
yelled at- hannah ;)
stole- makeup
took a picture of- me & my hunny
played- dono
dated- my baby
wrote- this?
typed- this?
read- this?
made fun of- this chick at the mall
pissed on- toilet? lol
sh_ted on- toilet?
did on the computer- this
do you take surveys? boredem
do you take showers? yes lots
do you yell at people? yes
do you buy things? yes
do you go on the internet? yes
do you talk on the phone? yes
do you stare at things? yes
do you brush your teeth? yes
do you brush/comb your hair? yes
do you go to school? yes
do you go places? yes
do you wear different clothes? yes
do you talk to people? yes
do you like people? yes
do you hate people? sometimes
do you watch tv? yes
are you answering these stupid questions? yes

current mood: bored

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3:50 pm
yea so.. hmm what i did lastnight... i chilled with my hubby we went to the beach and got food and fed eachother and walked around went to his house and did some ya no hanky panky haha.... and just awlked around for awhile ran into a couple of people we knew and shit and just talked came back to my crib played with the baby for a lil then went back out me him & hannah and we went to the ave.. and went to the park and just chilled. .went to store 24 and shit and then went and chilled at his crib for awhile and then went home and then went to my crib and had to clean my room....

thats about it .. lol

current mood: bitchy

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Saturday, February 25th, 2006
5:05 pm
i dont got much to write about so im just gonna spit some shit.. that yall probly dont even care about.. me and brandon r doing good it will be 6monthes back together in 2days... =).... i no hes nuts 4 dealing with me for this long but im so glad he has.. i love him with all my heart and soul... (&) ontop of it we had some bomb sex lastnight TWICE in 1 hour lol... sorry had to say it me and hannah r so close now i dont even call her my bestfriend shes my sista... i love her so much dont no what id do without her... - dont no what id do with ethier 1 of them...

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Monday, January 30th, 2006
2:57 pm - ..

never give up on me, i will never give up on you.
you're everything i need, oh, just look at what
we've already been through..

5//26//04 ** iloveyou brandon _ muahzz

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Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
1:42 pm - .. updating
haven't updated in mad long & i guess theres a lot 2 update on.. i feel like shit though so i am gonna make this short...

~ My grandmothers in the hospital... =[.. she's okay tho..

~ Me & Brandon r doing awesome... <3... 5//26//04!!

ill update more later...

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Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
6:24 pm
so lets c... havent updated in awhile but i will now..

fucking toilet sucksz didnt have one for mad long like over flowed and shit now we aint gonna have one 4 a couple of days because they gotta change the floor BULLSHIT mang... it sux lol

Me and brandon r doing so goood i love him :)...

& thatz all i can really say

Shiizzy .&. Brandon
always .&. foeva....

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Friday, December 2nd, 2005
1:35 pm
i hate when chickz sit there and sweat a man for mad long when he was with like 8 chix if he really wanted u dont u think he woulda thought of that 8 girls ago.. fucking psycho ... get over urself .. stay away from my man..!!.. the calls outta no where?... ovisly he has me to talk 2 why would he have to hear about all the times u tryed killin urself in the time period when u guys werent talken so sorry.. he got me to talk 2 bout shit that accully matters like ME N HIM .. u aint involved in that u say u got a man then worry bout him call him outta no where... not my baby...

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Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
4:37 pm - .. :: updating :: ...
life is good, i am doing really well... dont really have any complants...Me and brandon are doing really well =D which im happy about cuz were cute lol, on our 2nd month already just flying by, even tho we would be together almost 1 year and 5monthes if we didnt break up for that month but its all good lol, i still am glad we got to start over, because i love him =D

current mood: cranky

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Monday, November 28th, 2005
11:00 pm
5.26.04 F0R ALL ETERNiiTY

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Monday, November 14th, 2005
11:51 pm
Image hosted by Photobucket.com <- the best movie [10 things i hate about you]

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Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
1:13 pm - updating...
well my real birthday was yesterday [ 7th ] my party was the [ 6th ] it was so much fun danyelle & hannah came... & ofcourse my baby and mike... im so glad that Dany came tough me & him havent hung out scence like 4eva thatz my biah right thea.. i mean even if it just turned out that dany & brandon were there it still woulda been so much fun because thats my bestfriend[biah] & my baby..i got t drink a lil... kinda wish i didnt my fcukin head killed after the fact and i still did what i had 2 monday[yesteday].. didnt feel like my birthday at all.. sunday really felt like my birthday mad heads were here and shit it was a lot of fun not to mention a lot of money and presents so im very happy how it turned out...

were doing good .now. last night we had a fight cant really say why but i mean we got thru it it was wierd because as u all know im the one that is always like "no baby dont break us up if ur sayin how u feel is real dont fcuk it up".. well last night i was the 1 2 say well if u want to leave, LEAVE... and he looked at me his eyes got all watery and he was like No Baby dont do this!... Please dont do this... I love you i dont want to live without u.. i was in shock and ofcourse couldnt stay mad at him... Really think he does love me and this time is real.. and its scareing me because its like thru all the shit me and him have been thru how meny times has it caused us to break up cause of him not me i think out of all the times we broke up IN the recent monthes maybe 1nce was me... and that depens on how u look at it... Ur spouse 2 be able 2 have arguements and not always break up and its like its causeing me not to get to close i mean dont get me wrong i love him with all my heart and that will never change because thats my baby and hopfully my future husband. and yes i can say that because when im not with him noone else croses my mind to be with and noone will ever come between me and him in the scence were id break up wit him for anyone else because when me and him did break up i had my 2 month rule and said fcuk you after 2monthes... and words meant shit and they all knew it I love you is 8 letters so is bullshit ... just because i told them i loved them it didnt mean that i meant it like i do with brandon and they all knew right from jump that ill always be inlove with brandon and no-one can ever change it id ont care how cute how smart or how rich u are it just cant happen.. & all the girls he was with after me it kills me cause they all c the differance with the way he is with me and the way he was with them... and they take it out on me like its my fault which go for it cause i really dont give a fcuk.. but the point is that I KNO HE FEELS THE SAME WAY AS ME! but hes more shore about us then i am i mean dont take that the wrong way .. cause i kno his exses read this YES U CAN STILL BACK THE FCUK OFF!! but i mean he nos how he feels about me im just scared..but hopfully with time that will go away... alls i no is i dont want to not sleep 4 3days stayin up eatin chunky monkey ice cream... saying fcuk everyone cause he hurt me u no? and yes thats really how i was.... but like he told me last night i got noting to worry about cuz i got his heart.. really made me smile!!... I love My baby! always & forever!!

current mood: dirty

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